Soft Velvet Boy

Felix Tran

He/They pronouns

Thank you so much for stopping by my gallery, softvelvetboy. I've put a lot of love, time, and intentionality into it. You may be wondering why this site is called softvelvetboy...well it's because I love velvet and I'm a huge softie. I'm a self taught digital illustrator and graphic designer. My experience in social media is mostly focused in specialty coffee. 

With the support from Coffee at Large, my friends, and the coffee community, I have been able to grow so much as an illustrator and graphic designer. I really hope to continue to grow!

Here I am now, so freaking excited to share my illustrations, also in the form of cute stickers and button pins. If you like any of my work, consider shopping from my store or sharing on your platform! I hope you find the perfect thing for you ♡



If you're interested in commissioning my work for a project, please click below. 


Seattle, WA

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